I did something right!

Over the long, Memorial Day weekend, my Liam just wasn’t acting like himself. He was a bit fussy when he’s usually such a happy guy. He needed more hugs and to be held (which I never mind!). He refused to nap, which is weird for him. He’s so chill normally that even if he’s not tired, I can put him in his crib with a book and he’ll look at the book until he’s tired, and then just lay down and go to sleep.

Well, on day two of this, I just thought, enough is enough. My baby doesn’t feel well, and even if the culprit was just teeth (he’s working on four molars right now) I didn’t care if I was “that mom” that went to urgent care for teething issues.

So I packed him up and we went to urgent care. I’m really glad I did.

Liam had an ear infection, croupe, and an eye infection. Poor bubbas!

I listened to my instinct. Yeah, me! I think I’m getting better at that.

Something I’m not getting better at: knocking my kid into things accidentally. Yeah for taking him to the doctor, but booo for twice knocking him into door frames while back-carrying him in our Kinderpack on our way back to the exam room. Oops.

I can only get better at so many things at one time.

back carry



Stuff that happened last week

Liam moves a bit faster these days. No wait – a lot faster. And therefore, so does life. SO to recap the past week real fast, I give you:

Stuff that happened last week

  1. Liam peed on the floor.
  2. Liam pooped in the tub.
  3. Liam played in dirt.
  4. Liam ate dirt.
  5. Liam ate dog food.
  6. My cat ate dog food.
  7. My cat ate 8 inches of ribbon and pooped it out. Gross.
  8. Liam wacked himself in the head with a drum stick – I tried really hard not to laugh.
  9. While trying to blow raspberries on my leg, Liam bit my thigh. I now have teeth marks.
  10. Liam started a new game where he just rolls over on his back and lays there with his legs in the air. Riveting.
  11. Liam played with two boys, a little older than him.
  12. One of said boys shut Liam in a refrigerator door. Liam was not happy.
  13. Liam got drunk on milk and cheerios.

That is all.

drunk on cheerios


My husband will say “I told you so!”

It finally happened. My son peed on the floor. I’m actually a bit surprised that it took this long.


I knew I’ve been pushing my luck by letting Liam run around his room naked after his bath, before we get into jammies and ready for bed. But he loves to run around so much, and I like that he can dry off that way and I don’t have to force him to be rubbed down in a towel. Besides, let’s be honest here – being naked is awesome! I’m not a nudist or anything, but a little bit of naked time never hurt anybody. Plus, naked baby butts are cute. I think all parents can agree with that.

Anyway, last night, as Liam was running around his bedroom naked and I am getting his jammies laid out, I heard it – that sound: A spray mixed with a splash and a sizzle as the pee soaked into the carpet. And there was my 14 month old son – standing looking at a book, peeing on the carpet, not a care in the world.

I loves him.

In my head I shouted a drawn out “Noooo!” while I envisioned myself running slow motion across the room to dramatically dive and catch the pee mid-stream.

Yeah, I didn’t do that. Can you really “catch pee” anyway? I don’t think so. I just kind of stared at him and said, “well, that was bound to happen.”

Then Liam squatted and I freaked out that he was going to poop on the carpet, so I threw a diaper on him real fast.

Live and learn.

(P.S. My husband still doesn’t know Liam peed on the carpet… He would say “I told you so.” He just doesn’t need to know. Teehee!)

I’ve been slacking at taking pictures lately. A friend reminded me that that means I’m living in the moment, instead of through my phone. 🙂 I really like that. Well, here’s an unrelated picture of me and Liam brushing our teeth. Enjoy. 🙂



So, I bit my son’s finger…


That’s really all I can say. I bit Liam’s finger and it was a total accident and he was so sad and it hurt and I felt awful! AHH! Aaaannnnddd the breakdown:

Liam and I play a little game at bedtime while we’re getting jammies on. He likes to take his paci and try to put it in my mouth. When I grab it with my teeth and shake it he just laughs and laughs. He then takes it back and we play the game again.

Well, a few nights ago, I can’t remember why, but I was in a hurry to get his jammies on. He was being especially wiggly and I was trying to shove his foot into the little footie thing… I didn’t notice he was trying to play the paci game. My head was moving… his aim was off… and a little pinky ended up in my mouth instead of the paci and I accidentally bit him. He was SO sad! There were lots of tears, and hugs, and I kissed his pinky for him and felt so, so bad.

There is still a little teeth mark on his pinky…. yes, there was blood.

I tell Liam all the time “we don’t put that in our mouth!” Well, mommy, we also don’t bite our children. Yikes.