They say it gets easier…

Well, I say bullshit. 

It gets better, that’s for sure. Every stage Liam has gone through thus far has me overwhelmed with his awesomeness in a truly fantastic, head-over-heals, “wow – I love you” kind of way. But keeping a small human alive and raising them to be a large human never really gets easier. In fact, I would argue that quick a few things get harder. Much, much harder.

Thus, I give you:

Things that have begun to suck a bit

1. Diaper changes. Dude, a baby just lays on the changing table, you wave your magic wand and the new diaper is on. Putting a diaper on my now 18-month old son is like trying to wrangle a revved up octopus that’s had too much caffeine. Arms – legs – body parts all over the place. Stop being suicidal and trying to leap off the changing table and let me wipe your poop!

2. Bath time. Sit the ‘ef down in the tub. That is all.

3. Playtime. Yes, playtime can be hard, too! Liam loves his lawnmower and his stroller. He runs all over the house pushing them. But lately, I find myself saying far too often “we don’t lawn-mow the cat” or “strollers are not for ramming dogs” – really? You know what else we don’t do? Dance on books. ‘Lil stinker…

Liam lawn mower

4. Meal time.  Oh, you don’t want your Mac ‘n cheese, you want my steak? Eh. Too bad. Eat your dinner.

5. Meal time. And by “eat your dinner” I don’t mean slyly throw it to the dogs when you think I’m not looking….

Liam popcycle

Welcome to toddler-hood. That is all.

Liam superbaby


Bathtub Trivia

Question: How many times does your toddler need to pee in the tub and watch you drain the water before you just refill it and decide you no longer care?

Answer: Two times. 

Yup. That’s it. Mommy had a long day. A little pee never hurt anyone.