Painting like Dad

My husband and I have been working on a face-lift in our basement family room. New drywall, new carpet, new paint. Last week I took Liam down to see the paint job in process. He thought it was really cool to watch dad with the paint brush, doing the edging between the wall and the ceiling.

Fast-forward five minutes.

I walk into Liam’s bedroom to get him changed for bedtime and find him kneeling by the wall. He proudly tells me, “paint like dad!” He has a tampon in his hand and is making painting motions on the wall. So, I feel the need to point out that it was a brand new, never opened tampon that he must have stolen from the bathroom cupboard, because if I didn’t, “painting with a tampon” could take on a whole new meaning. But with that little explanation out of the way, I still laughed out loud and made sure to take pictures to show daddy, and well, all of you. SO here you have it: painting with a tampon. My good little helper.

tampon 1 tampon 2 tampon 3


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