Shining mom-moment!

So I get a text from daycare asking, “Do you ever listen to the song ‘Turn Down for What’ by Lil Jon?” At first I’m like… uhh…. no….

But then I Google that shit. Oh yeah – I totally listen to that song. It’s on my Pandora running station cuz man, does it drive my feet when pounding pavement.

Next question from me… “Why do you ask?”

Turns out a kid version of that song came on my awesome daycare provider’s Kid’s Pandora station at daycare and apparently my kid JUST. WENT. NUTS. The exact text she sent me was “He was jamming hard!!! Running around the room and shouting the words – I was laughing so hard.”

What? It’s a good running song. Apparently Liam thinks so, too.


lil jon


You know you’re a mom when…

  1. You get really excited over a text from daycare announcing that your kid pooped.
  2. Without hesitation, you offer yourself as a human Kleenex.
  3. The only moments of silence you get during the day (and sometimes the night) is while you shower. Notice I didn’t even say when going to the bathroom… because let’s get real… you are NEVER alone for that.

I could list about 100 more things that scream MOM, but I’m also a working mom, and my lunch isn’t that long…