I’m BAAACK! And with news…..

You may have noticed I’ve been gone for awhile… or maybe not, in which case I need to get a better grip of reality on my popularity in the blogosphere. 😉

Well, I have a few good excuses for my long absence:

  1. I was sick – AGAIN. Like three different times. This winter was NOT nice to me or the family.
  2. I started a new job! Internal to my company, but new all the same.
  3. And what I’d consider to be the best reason of all…I’m pregnant!

That’s right — come October, I’m going to be a new mom all over again. But this time, a new mom to two kids at once. OMG.

As all new moms know, there is no shortage of advice you get when you announce you are expecting. I’ve noticed that the advice keeps coming in even when you’re already a mom. And trust me, the advice when adding a second baby is just as “good” as when you’re having your first. So here is the quick and dirty on the advice I’ve already gotten about baby #2.

Awesome Advice I’ve gotten on Being a Mom of Two

  • Adding a second kid doesn’t change a thing – you already know what you’re doing
  • Adding a second kid changes EVERYTHING!
  • Your toddler will be super helpful
  • Your toddler will transform into a pint-sized demon that will daily plan sneak attacks and assassination attempts on the baby
  • Picture yourself at ease, feeding the baby on the couch while your toddler plays nicely
  • Picture yourself ditching the screaming, hungry baby on the couch to sprint across the room and rescue your toddler who is about to launch themself off a table and into the refrigerator
  • Since you already have a routine down, the new baby will fit right in.
  • Forget everything you know about routine. You are starting over.

Awesome. Either way, yeah for babies!


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