10 Things I’d Forgotten About Maternity Clothes…

It’s been awhile since I’ve worn pants with a stretchy panel, and as I’ve been growing these past few months and “upgraded” my wardrobe to belly-welcoming clothing, I’ve been remind of all the glorious and not-so-glorious things about maternity clothes.

  1. Many of the dress pants have no pockets. NO pockets!? C’mon!
  2. Stretchy panel – both a blessing and a curse. Comfy? OMG yes. But seriously, why am I always having to hike my pants back up? I’d like to blame it on my muscular college softball thighs and trim waist, but I’m starting to think all maternity pants just don’t want to stay up.
  3. There are no zippers in jeans. NO zippers! This is awesome. However, my foggy memory is reminding me that after I had Liam, it took me a few months of walking around with my barn door open in regular jeans before I started remembering to zip up.
  4. Oh the comfort – the magnificent comfort. This is one time in my life when it’s ok to only wear stretchy materials, as I’m supposed to be expanding.
  5. Side ruching is your best friend. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have been buying all the wrong maternity tops.
  6. Many dress options out there want you to look like a giant tablecloth, with no hint of a body or waist underneath. Why? WHY? Buy a cute belt – get your figure back.
  7. Nursing bras – again, a love/hate relationship. When I finally traded in my regular, under-wire bra for one of my nursing bras, it was both a happy and sad sad. Happy: Oh my, the comfort! No under-wire and this thing is soft and lets me expand. But seriously, the nursing snaps and high cups really limit the types of tops you can wear.
  8. Full panel is far superior to under-the-belly panel. I have one pair of super cute Kut from the Kloth underbelly jeans, but as I am getting bigger, man, that panel keeps rolling. Save yourself the awkward adjustments and just buy full-panel everything.
  9. Maternity dress pants – there’s always those few weird “winkles” near the crotch. What’s up with that!?
  10. And last, but certainly not least: Once you make the switch over to maternity clothes, you most certainly will NOT be going back until after baby. Comfort, cute…. did I saw comfortable? 🙂

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’d Forgotten About Maternity Clothes…

  1. I never bought nursing bras – found that wearing a nice unpadded bikini top that slid on the strings was super comfy and made me one of the most crazy looking mother’s in the maternity ward. But the nurses loved it, and so did my son as I just whipped the boobies out like no tomorrow.

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