WOW – It’s been awhile…

Greetings! Long time no blog. I apologize for the absence. There have been many times I’ve thought about writing or even had a great and hilarious experience worthy of blogging about, but there has been something stopping me…

I’ve been struggling with how to appropriately continue this wonderful creative outlet that I have and love, while also respecting the privacy of my growing toddler and my newborn baby. I’ve wondered what they would think of it and the things I write about as they grow, and wondered if I should shut it down all together.

But I decided to continue (well WordPress helped me decide by automatically renewing and charging me for my IP address) – but I’m going to change things up a bit. You can still expect the shenanigans you’ve seen from me in the past, with a great speckling of mis-stepped-mom-moves, I will just be writing with more finesse as to hopefully not embarrass my future teenagers. 😉

Peace, love and blogging to the New Year – I’ll be back shorty. In my writing absence there have been plenty of OMG moments just waiting to hit the blog….


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