WOW – It’s been awhile…

Greetings! Long time no blog. I apologize for the absence. There have been many times I’ve thought about writing or even had a great and hilarious experience worthy of blogging about, but there has been something stopping me…

I’ve been struggling with how to appropriately continue this wonderful creative outlet that I have and love, while also respecting the privacy of my growing toddler and my newborn baby. I’ve wondered what they would think of it and the things I write about as they grow, and wondered if I should shut it down all together.

But I decided to continue (well WordPress helped me decide by automatically renewing and charging me for my IP address) – but I’m going to change things up a bit. You can still expect the shenanigans you’ve seen from me in the past, with a great speckling of mis-stepped-mom-moves, I will just be writing with more finesse as to hopefully not embarrass my future teenagers. 😉

Peace, love and blogging to the New Year – I’ll be back shorty. In my writing absence there have been plenty of OMG moments just waiting to hit the blog….


My child, the human snack-bar

Who here has eaten off of their kid’s face? Cuz yup – that just happened.

Liam had yogurt on his face and we were heading to daycare. Rather than run back inside to grab a paper towel, I just licked it off his face. Both weird and delicious.

That just happened. #No shame.


10 Things I’d Forgotten About Maternity Clothes…

It’s been awhile since I’ve worn pants with a stretchy panel, and as I’ve been growing these past few months and “upgraded” my wardrobe to belly-welcoming clothing, I’ve been remind of all the glorious and not-so-glorious things about maternity clothes.

  1. Many of the dress pants have no pockets. NO pockets!? C’mon!
  2. Stretchy panel – both a blessing and a curse. Comfy? OMG yes. But seriously, why am I always having to hike my pants back up? I’d like to blame it on my muscular college softball thighs and trim waist, but I’m starting to think all maternity pants just don’t want to stay up.
  3. There are no zippers in jeans. NO zippers! This is awesome. However, my foggy memory is reminding me that after I had Liam, it took me a few months of walking around with my barn door open in regular jeans before I started remembering to zip up.
  4. Oh the comfort – the magnificent comfort. This is one time in my life when it’s ok to only wear stretchy materials, as I’m supposed to be expanding.
  5. Side ruching is your best friend. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have been buying all the wrong maternity tops.
  6. Many dress options out there want you to look like a giant tablecloth, with no hint of a body or waist underneath. Why? WHY? Buy a cute belt – get your figure back.
  7. Nursing bras – again, a love/hate relationship. When I finally traded in my regular, under-wire bra for one of my nursing bras, it was both a happy and sad sad. Happy: Oh my, the comfort! No under-wire and this thing is soft and lets me expand. But seriously, the nursing snaps and high cups really limit the types of tops you can wear.
  8. Full panel is far superior to under-the-belly panel. I have one pair of super cute Kut from the Kloth underbelly jeans, but as I am getting bigger, man, that panel keeps rolling. Save yourself the awkward adjustments and just buy full-panel everything.
  9. Maternity dress pants – there’s always those few weird “winkles” near the crotch. What’s up with that!?
  10. And last, but certainly not least: Once you make the switch over to maternity clothes, you most certainly will NOT be going back until after baby. Comfort, cute…. did I saw comfortable? 🙂

I’m BAAACK! And with news…..

You may have noticed I’ve been gone for awhile… or maybe not, in which case I need to get a better grip of reality on my popularity in the blogosphere. 😉

Well, I have a few good excuses for my long absence:

  1. I was sick – AGAIN. Like three different times. This winter was NOT nice to me or the family.
  2. I started a new job! Internal to my company, but new all the same.
  3. And what I’d consider to be the best reason of all…I’m pregnant!

That’s right — come October, I’m going to be a new mom all over again. But this time, a new mom to two kids at once. OMG.

As all new moms know, there is no shortage of advice you get when you announce you are expecting. I’ve noticed that the advice keeps coming in even when you’re already a mom. And trust me, the advice when adding a second baby is just as “good” as when you’re having your first. So here is the quick and dirty on the advice I’ve already gotten about baby #2.

Awesome Advice I’ve gotten on Being a Mom of Two

  • Adding a second kid doesn’t change a thing – you already know what you’re doing
  • Adding a second kid changes EVERYTHING!
  • Your toddler will be super helpful
  • Your toddler will transform into a pint-sized demon that will daily plan sneak attacks and assassination attempts on the baby
  • Picture yourself at ease, feeding the baby on the couch while your toddler plays nicely
  • Picture yourself ditching the screaming, hungry baby on the couch to sprint across the room and rescue your toddler who is about to launch themself off a table and into the refrigerator
  • Since you already have a routine down, the new baby will fit right in.
  • Forget everything you know about routine. You are starting over.

Awesome. Either way, yeah for babies!



Shining mom-moment!

So I get a text from daycare asking, “Do you ever listen to the song ‘Turn Down for What’ by Lil Jon?” At first I’m like… uhh…. no….

But then I Google that shit. Oh yeah – I totally listen to that song. It’s on my Pandora running station cuz man, does it drive my feet when pounding pavement.

Next question from me… “Why do you ask?”

Turns out a kid version of that song came on my awesome daycare provider’s Kid’s Pandora station at daycare and apparently my kid JUST. WENT. NUTS. The exact text she sent me was “He was jamming hard!!! Running around the room and shouting the words – I was laughing so hard.”

What? It’s a good running song. Apparently Liam thinks so, too.


lil jon


You know you’re a mom when…

  1. You get really excited over a text from daycare announcing that your kid pooped.
  2. Without hesitation, you offer yourself as a human Kleenex.
  3. The only moments of silence you get during the day (and sometimes the night) is while you shower. Notice I didn’t even say when going to the bathroom… because let’s get real… you are NEVER alone for that.

I could list about 100 more things that scream MOM, but I’m also a working mom, and my lunch isn’t that long…


Painting like Dad

My husband and I have been working on a face-lift in our basement family room. New drywall, new carpet, new paint. Last week I took Liam down to see the paint job in process. He thought it was really cool to watch dad with the paint brush, doing the edging between the wall and the ceiling.

Fast-forward five minutes.

I walk into Liam’s bedroom to get him changed for bedtime and find him kneeling by the wall. He proudly tells me, “paint like dad!” He has a tampon in his hand and is making painting motions on the wall. So, I feel the need to point out that it was a brand new, never opened tampon that he must have stolen from the bathroom cupboard, because if I didn’t, “painting with a tampon” could take on a whole new meaning. But with that little explanation out of the way, I still laughed out loud and made sure to take pictures to show daddy, and well, all of you. SO here you have it: painting with a tampon. My good little helper.

tampon 1 tampon 2 tampon 3